Our Background

Palazzo We Sdn Bhd is the brainchild of David Lee, an art specialist in decorative painting. Pursued his Diploma in Art locally and further studied passionately on the sophistication of decorative painting in Australia.

Operating actively since 1996, we offer the most complete special effects techniques, comprising more than 20 techniques on top of custom made finishes that are requested by interior designers and architects. Continuous finishes are constantly developed so that we are closely intact with the demand and trend of the present.

In the growing sophistication of the building industry, we are creating the aesthetic living value and commercial art works according to each architectural theme. Satisfactorily meeting the market demand for special effects painting works is our pride, as we accumulate our proud assets – project reference that are 100% acclaimed by Palazzo We, which are presented in our portfolio. We complement the interior designing community by heightening its professional creativity through our skillful display of repertoire in decorative art.
The Art of Decorative Effects Painting

Special Effects Painting is a unique and creative way to embellish the usual solid colour surfaces. All effects range from subtle to bold and one can never underestimate their power and wonders that it can bring. With the right selection of paint effects, it can transform a room by underscoring its assets and camouflaging its drawbacks. The great versatility of paint effects offers infinite varieties, highlighting the enthusiasm for art and the artistic personality one possesses. It is a platform for expression, a magical wand that can add colors to one’s life.

As science and technology play an increasing role in our current lives, people are more eager to find inspirational ideas by adopting extraordinary interior decoration according to their instinctive feeling, so that the individuality can be expressed more clearly. Special effects painting thus take place, turning any place to have an art inspired feeling for a restful mind.

Styles and techniques of the past are incorporated into the trends and materials of the present, while developing the decorative art heritage of the future. That’s what we call the Beauty of Decorative Painting.

Range of Special Effects Painting techniques provided:

Marbling/ Marble Effects Colour Washing
Wood Washing
French Wash
Lime Washing
Metal Finishes
Wood Graining
Mural Painting/ Trompe l'oeil
Aged Finishes
Stone Blocking\Sky Effects
Ornamental Finishes
Stucco/ Stucco Veneziano
Italian Fresco
Painted Furniture
Boiserie (Panel Painting)
Paint Distress
Granite Effects    
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